REPORT: ‘Love Is Blind’ Star Shake Chatterjee Criticizes The Show That Made Him Famous


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“Love Is Blind” star Shake Chatterjee, who rose to international fame during his time on the reality TV show, is now speaking out against the very platform that launched him into the spotlight.

Chatterjee is criticizing Netflix for the way they portrayed him during his time on their reality TV series, and has told producers that he wants nothing to do with the franchise despite being asked to come back for the “After the Altar” episode, according to TMZ. This all comes after Chatterjee expressed he did not agree with the premise of the show, saying “I don’t think this is the way to find love.”

“I want nothing to do with them,” Chatterjee said in an interview. “I just didn’t trust them.” Chatterjee then slammed the setup of the show, calling it a “failed experiment,” and saying it is “not a sustainable franchise,” according to the outlet.

“Love Is Blind” contestants date while being placed in pods and are only able to communicate through speakers. They are unable to see their dates, and if they decide to move forward in pursuing an in-person meeting with another contestant, they have to get engaged first, Chatterjee said to TMZ.

“Most intelligent people at home understand that, you know, there’s a reason it doesn’t work this way,” Chatterjee added.

Chatterjee claims the show is designed to exploit the contestants and has reportedly made his opinions known to hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. He claims they failed to remain neutral in his case, when he suggested to them that “perhaps love isn’t blind,” according to TMZ. “The way the hosts came at me suggests that, you know, they’re pretty biased about how, you know, the narrative of the show is supposed to be,” Chatterjee told TMZ. (RELATED: REPORT: Reality TV Star Heather Rae Young Sues Strip Club For Using Her Photo)

Chatterjee has moved on to pursue relationships in a different manner and is now reportedly dating a woman named Emily who he met in person outside of the show, according to TMZ. They currently live together in Miami and are co-hosting the second season of the “Life is Blurry Podcast,” reported the outlet.

During his time on “Love Is Blind,” Chatterjee was engaged to Deepti Vempati, and in spite of bonding over their shared Indian heritage, their relationship was a tumultuous one. Chatterjee admitted not feeling physically attracted to Vempati, and they faced a number of ups and downs, according to Us Magazine. On their wedding day, Vempati left Chatterjee at the altar, ultimately deciding she deserved better.