‘I Don’t Want To Be Absolutely Robbed Blind’: Bill Maher Blasts COVID Relief Programs

[Screenshot Real Time With Bill Maher]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Bill Maher lashed out at both Democrats and Republicans on Friday saying the nation was “robbed blind” by coronavirus relief fraud, and neither party took a stand.

Maher noted that President Joe Biden would be extending the statute of limitations for investigating COVID-19 fraud. The government relied on the honor system during the pandemic to give out Paycheck Protection Program loans, which resulted in as much as $100 billion in fraud, The New York Times reported. The programs were largely abused by individuals who used fake names, listed fake businesses and provided false information in order to obtain the grants.

Maher criticized the government, saying he was upset with how much money was stolen and that both Democrats and Republicans apparently did nothing. (RELATED: ‘President Biden Love Locking Black People Up’: Charlamagne Tha God Rips Biden For Allegedly Targeting Black People)

“It doesn’t really make me a conservative, does it, that I don’t want to be absolutely robbed blind? Is there some number at which I go, ‘you are just taking my money and wasting it and letting people steal it.'”

Maher then questioned why Democrats, who are supposed to be the “good government party” didn’t step up and fix government operations to prevent mass fraud and why Republicans, who always act as “fiscal watchdogs” didn’t do more.

“Nobody does any of their part!” Maher exclaimed.

“It makes me a little less excited about the money they’re planning to spend,” Maher said, likely in reference to the so-called Inflation Reduction Act which has a $740 billion price tag that includes $370 billion for green energy initiatives, a 15% tax on corporations with a reported annual income greater than $1 billion, as well as nearly $80 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service.