Pet Pup Blinded After Ingesting Drugs Left On Sidewalk In Santa Monica, California


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A small dog reportedly ingested a dose of oxycodone Sunday while walking with his owner in Palisades Park, Santa Monica and was blinded.

The dog’s owner, Lori Burns, was walking her pup, Chance The Rapper, along the popular tourist area in Santa Monica when he suddenly started breathing heavily and collapsed, according to a report by Fox News 11. Burns rushed Chance The Rapper to an emergency vet to run tests, which revealed he’d swallowed an oxycodone pill, the outlet reported.

“If I could give a message to people, it’s to know your surroundings and know where to go,” Burns told the outlet in a video interview shared on YouTube, “Because had I not gone to the animal hospital and had I driven home, he would have died.”

The vet reportedly told Burns that this type of incident occurs quite often, but usually within owners’ homes, Fox 11 continued. The oxycodone ingested by Chance The Rapper was the only foreign substance in his system, and no one in Burn’s family uses the drug, suggesting that he quickly and quietly consumed it during their walk. (RELATED: Six Major US Cities Report Historic Increases In Violent Crime)

The drug caused his internal temperature to soar to around 106 degrees, according to a post shared by reporter Travis Rice. Since the initial report, Chance The Rapper had further tests done that revealed some limited retinal activity, Fox 11 noted.