Courts Allow Harvey Weinstein To Appeal 2020 Sex Crime Convictions

Etienne Laurent-Pool/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The highest court in New York will allow Harvey Weinstein to appeal his 2020 sex crime convictions.

Appeals Chief Judge Janet DiFiore agreed earlier in August to allow Weinstein’s team to argue their case in court, citing that “questions of law are involved which ought to be reviewed by the Court of Appeals,” according to CNN. Weinstein was convicted of a first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape charges, and is currently serving a 23 year jail sentence.

Weinstein’s lawyers previously stated that his conviction should be reversed in a motion filed in 2021, saying they believe his trial was tainted and raising questions about an allegedly biased judge and juror, according to CNN.

“I am innocent of these charges, and I am so grateful to my attorneys for working hard and smart work on this,” Weinstein said to CNN via a spokesperson. “Their hard work will help me prove my innocence in the end,” he added.

The disgraced Hollywood producer has maintained his innocence and continues to deny all allegations made against him. (RELATED: REPORT: Judge Imposes $9 Million Bond On Amber Heard If She Appeals Her Case)

“I look forward to this opportunity to be heard by the The New York Court of Appeals,” Weinstein continued in the statement to CNN.

Weinstein’s attorney, Arthur Aidala, “acknowledged the unique legal issues in this case,” NBC News reported, and he expressed gratitude for their ability to appeal.

“We are hopeful the entire court will find that Mr. Weinstein did not receive a fair trial and reverse his conviction,” Aidala said, according to the outlet.