Father In Connecticut Accused Of Forcing Children To Witness Siblings’ Torture


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Police signed an arrest warrant for a Connecticut father who already faces charges of child abuse as new allegations were brought to light earlier in August.

Kevin Grant, 33, of Naugatuck, was first arrested for child abuse in 2020 and is currently awaiting trial, according to WFSB. He now faces additional charges after an investigation into his behavior earlier in 2022 revealed new and horrifying incites into his alleged treatment of his children.

Grant is accused of beating his victims, aged between five and 11-years-old, with a bat to the point where they were unable to walk, police told WFSB. He attached thumb tacks to the bat and forced his children to beat each other with it, police continued.

Grant put one of his victims in a closet as a form of punishment, WFSB reported. When the child said they needed to go to the bathroom, Grant allegedly gave him a box. “The juvenile victim was then forced by Kevin to defecate in the box while locked in the closet and was then made to eat his feces out of the box while his siblings were forced to watch,” local law enforcement said.

Grant told the children, “this is what happens when you don’t behave,” according to the affidavit, the New York Post reported. Grant is also accused of putting firecrackers in one of the children’s pants and setting them alight. (RELATED: REPORT: Child Killed By Family During Disturbing Exorcism Ritual)

Grant was taken into custody Aug. 10. He is currently awaiting trial for similar accusations from the 2020 investigation, WFSB noted. He pleaded not guilty to the charges in 2020, the Hartford Courant noted.