Hillary, Babe, No One Wants To Get Intimate With You, Even If Kim K Is There Too


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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To the joy of insufferable losers everywhere, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, have released the trailer to their new show.

It seems like Clinton is doing politics in reverse. Unlike failed actors-turned-Democrats like Stacey Abrams and Jennifer Granholm, Clinton is pivoting from her failed political career to a self-funded entertainment venture in a pathetic attempt to stay relevant.

I wrote about her upcoming Apple TV+ show, “Gusty,” back in July. For the life of us, my team and I couldn’t figure out what dirt she must have on Apple CEO Tim Cook for him to contemplate putting this f*ckery on television, but here we are, with the first official trailer.

Firstly, literally no one wants to join Clinton for an “intimate” conversation. Isn’t that how people get disappeared?

More than that, the people she’s chosen to interview are far from the world’s “boldest and bravest women.” Reality star Kim Kardashian got famous because her mother managed the aftermath of her sex tape, so surely Kris Jenner should be on the show instead of her daughter?

Gloria Steinem’s career has been an act of literal terrorism against womankind. She’s the reason I’m a professional writer and social scientist and not enjoying my ranch life, quietly raising my children and gardening while my husband works. And who even is Megan Thee Stallion? I can see that she has millions of followers and does music, but is that it? (RELATED: John Daly Shares His Blunt Thoughts On Biden Voters, Clinton’s Golf Game)

This whole thing looks like a total clam show. I assume the target audience is jilted women in their 50s+ in blue cities who think the people camping in their garden are there because of the mean Republicans and not due to the unmitigated narcotics plague destroying the country.

I am genuinely worried for the aging Karens who can’t work the smart TV and have to get their basement-dwelling incel sons to turn this show on for them. God forbid they encourage their lovely, lonely boys to find a nice girl like Chelsea.