Drew Barrymore Had The Most Astonishing Reaction To Britney Spears’ New Song


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Drew Barrymore had an epic reaction to the release of Britney Spears’ new song with Elton John, titled “Hold Me Closer,” and her video message managed to strike a chord with singer, prompting her to reply.

Barrymore was driving and was clearly very excited by Spears’ return to music and the incredible success her new song has achieved in its first few hours of being released. She recorded a video from her car which involved a series of excitable screeches and the dropping of a number of f-bombs. “Yes, f*ck yes,  f*ck yes, f*ck yeeeeeeesss,” Barrymore squealed, showing her extreme happiness over the new single.

Barrymore’s energy peaked as she continued to shriek and sing her message to the world. “Couldn’t send it in a text ’cause it’s too f*ckin’ important,” Barrymore sang in a high-pitched, excitable tone.

“Number one in 33 countries,” she yelled.

There’s no mistaking how thrilled she was for the pop sensation, and the way she bubbled over with joy caught Spears’ attention.

Spears quickly posted a response to Barrymore’s love-gushing video. “Ok, hello crazy, sexy woman, I really needed to hear that this morning,” Spears said.

“I’m kinda proud too, I’m excited, don’t tell anybody!” Spears said, as she addressed her hype girl with a video response. (RELATED: REPORT: Britney Spears Claims To Have Proof Of Her Abuse, Then Swiftly Deletes Her Message)

“Anyways, um, when are me and you gonna get together and have our own individual cool, sexy mama picture? Ok?” Spears said.

She closed off her video by saying “I miss you and thank you so much for sending me that, that was brilliant, I love you, bye!”