Harry Styles Has The Best Reaction To Chicken Nuggets Thrown At Him On Stage


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous musical artist Harry Styles had the best reaction when someone threw pieces of chicken onto the stage during his concert Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

The concert was in full swing when Styles halted his show to address the items that were tossed on the stage. “Interesting, very interesting approach,” Styles said as the cameras kept rolling. “Who threw the chicken nugget?” he asked as he scanned the massive crowd.

Concert-goers went wild as Styles attempted to get to the bottom of the situation with some light-hearted humor.

Styles picked up a piece of chicken from the stage floor and held it between his fingers for all of his fans to see. Excited audience members started chanting, “Eat it, eat it, eat it!” evidently trying to get the star to take a bite.

“I don’t eat chicken, sorry, I don’t eat meat,” Styles said as he toyed with his fans, continuing to pace the stage with a piece of chicken in his hand.

Styles appeared entertained by the strange occurrence and played along with fans who were clearing having fun with the strange mishap. (RELATED: Harry Styles Calls Fan’s Ex-Boyfriend During Concert)

“First of all, this is cold, and I’m assuming very old,” Styles said. A fan from the audience spoke out and claimed to be the chicken thrower. They must have asked for the piece of chicken back, because Styles then spoke over the boisterous noise from his fans. “You want it back? Why?” Styles asked.

He jokingly mocked the fan’s response, repeating what had apparently been their answer: “‘Because!'”

Styles chucked the chicken into the crowd and said, “Don’t eat it!” as he turned around to get another piece off the floor.

It appeared the fan had fumbled the chicken he threw for them, as Styles turned around and said, “Don’t go looking for it, we’ll get you another nugget!”

“Ok would anyone else like to throw any objects?” Styles joked as he attempted to get the concert back on track.