‘Any End To This Person’s Narcissism?’: Megyn Kelly Drags Meghan Markle For Comparing Herself To Nelson Mandela


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Podcast host Megyn Kelly dragged Meghan Markle’s comments regarding Nelson Mandela in a clip shared Monday from her show.

“Miss I-want-my-privacy has decided not only to launch the podcast and talk to Serena Williams about how rough her life is, but she gave an interview with some magazine called ‘The Cut,’ in which she once again rips on the royal family,” Kelly launched into her tirade against Markle. Kelly continued by pointing out that the only reason people are aware of Markle is because she married into the royal family.

Markle married Prince Harry, a move that has generated non-stop headlines over their relationship, family, and the British media’s treatment of her. Both she and Harry gave up their roles as senior working royals in 2020, and have been vying for publicity and work ever since.

“No one knew you as backup girl number 40 on Howie Mandel’s game show,” Kelly said to her panel, which featured The Federalist culture editor Emily Jashinsky and Free Beacon editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson. “And nobody but a few people in Toronto knew you from your show ‘Suits.'”

The source of Kelly’s rage against Markle is the recent interview the royal gave to The Cut. “She compares herself to Nelson Mandela,” Kelly explained to the panel. “She talks about how she’s made an active effort to forgive the royal family that made her a star, and gave her a castle, and made it possible for her to live in a $16 million Montecito mansion.”

Kelly then brought up a recent claim from Markle that the British press corps have been referring to hers and Harry’s children using “the N-word.” Markle reportedly told The Cut that one of the cast members from the stage production of “The Lion King” pulled her aside while in London and told her that when she married into the royal family, the cast “rejoiced in the streets the same as we did when Mandela was freed from prison.” (RELATED: Princess Diana Predicted Her Death, Said Car Crash Would Be Staged)

Peels of laughter echoed from Kelly and the other panelists. “Is there any end to this person’s narcissism?” You can watch the full segment here: