Matt Araiza’s Accuser Claims Her Piercings Were Ripped Out During Alleged Gang-Rape

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The unidentified alleged abuse victim of the Buffalo Bills’ Matt Araiza uncovered more details of the abuse that occurred during her reported gang rape in an interview with CBS News released Monday.

Araiza and two other former San Diego State University players are accused of gang raping a then-17-year-old unidentified victim at a party in 2021 for more than an hour.

The alleged victim told CBS News her phone was taken, and her alleged assaulters ripped out her piercings and left her bleeding after the assault.

“I was crying, and my friend asked me what happened,” she told CBS News. “And I told her, ‘I had just been raped.'”

The alleged victim said she wrote in her diary the next day: “All I keep replaying in my mind is being face down in a random bed just waiting for it to be over,” according to CBS News.

Araiza’s attorney, Kerry Armstrong, said Araiza was not part of the alleged rape and claimed the victim wants money, CBS News reported. (RELATED: Two Girls Accuse Music Star Of Rape During Trial)

“I would be very surprised if they ever charged Matt Araiza with anything in this case,” Armstrong told the outlet. “If she really was raped in that back bedroom, that’s horrible. It’s a horrible thing to happen to anybody. But all I know is that Mr. Araiza had nothing to do with it, and the only thing I can think of as to why she’s included him in this civil lawsuit is because of money.”

The alleged victim said the accusations that she wants money made her feel “sick to the stomach.”

“I reported it the day after it happened,” the victim told CBS News. “I was 17 years old and I had no idea who Matt Araiza was.”

Araiza was drafted by the NFL in April. He was formally released from his contract Saturday after the lawsuit became public.

Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott said Friday it’s about finding “the truth and [doing] the right thing.”

The case is currently being handled by the San Diego district attorney, and no criminal charges have been filed.