Country Music Superstar’s Wife Causes Quite A Stir In The Trans Child Movement Debate

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Brittany Aldean, the wife of country music superstar Jason Aldean, is clapping back at the haters in epic fashion after the woke left took one of her comments way out of context.

Aldean made headlines in August after she shared a video where she was said to compare her “tomboy phase” to that of someone transitioning, US Magazine reported. “I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life,” Aldean wrote on Instagram during a beauty tutorial, the outlet noted.

I remember watching this particular video at the time and thinking, “I can’t tell you how many of my female friends feel the same way.” Last year, a friend of mine had said almost the exact same thing. When she was a teenager, she wanted to be just like one of the boys, and was terrified to think of how many young girls are now able to make destructive, irreversible changes to their bodies during what turns out to be just an adolescent phase.

Initially, I moved on from the video thinking little more than, “Brittany Aldean is literally my spirit animal. I wish I looked like her.” Then I woke up to some nobody called Maren Morris, who is apparently the wife of Ryan Hurd (who?!) calling out Aldean for her statement, as E! News reported.

While Hurd, Morris, and a couple of other nobodies tried to get their fifteen minutes of fame by piggybacking hatred of Aldean’s statements, Aldean clearly had bigger, better, more constructive things in mind, including the health of her own and other children.


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“Per usual, my words have been taken out of context over the last week.” Aldean wrote in the caption for her Instagram post, “Instead of getting twisted about the twisting of my words, I’ve chosen to bring some good out of it,”  as she shared images of her new clothing line. All proceeds from the sales are going toward Operation Shining Light, which helps fight child exploitation and human trafficking, she noted.

Commentator Candace Owens threw her support behind Aldean’s work, commenting, “People need to recognize: CHILDREN ARE OUR RED LINE. You continue to climb due to your morals and bravery. Love you.” (RELATED: Haggard, Purple-Haired Scold Tells Girls Their Sports Are Too Pointless To Matter In The Trans Debate)

Considering the number of adults that deeply regret transitioning during their youth, it always surprises me when parents seemingly feel comfortable supporting the physical process of transitioning prior to full brain development. We have to wait until we’re adults to do so many perfectly reversible things, so why not wait on this?

Ultimately, I think this whole situation with Aldean was blown way out of context, and the world would be a much better place if all parents were more like the Aldeans and less like her cheap, social-climbing haters.