Meghan Markle ‘Started To Sweat’ When Mariah Carey Mocked Her ‘Diva Moments’ During A Podcast

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle “started to sweat” during Tuesday’s episode of her podcast “Archetypes” while being accused of having “diva moments” by pop icon Mariah Carey.

Markle, 41, told Carey she does not personally “connect to” the “diva … persona,” only to be interrupted by the pop star, who threw accusations at the royal during the show shared on Spotify. “You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan,” Carey said, somewhat curtly. “Don’t act like [you don’t].”

Sounding somewhat flustered, Markle asked the singer, “What kind of diva moments did I give you?” Carey quickly backtracked, clarifying she meant Markle’s “visual” and not necessarily her personality. She noted she “didn’t mean” anything by the off-hand comment, and was only “playing” with Markle.

After the podcast finished recording, Markle sounded relieved. “She must have felt my nervous laughter, and … she jumped right in to make sure I was crystal clear [that] when she said diva, she was talking about the way I dress, the posture, the clothing,” Markle continued.

That apparently didn’t stop Markle from “[starting] to sweat a little bit” and “squirming in [her] chair in [a] quiet revolt” against Carey’s accusation. “She meant diva as a compliment, but I heard it as a dig,” Markle attempted to explain. “That moment, as she explained to me, she meant it as chic, as inspirational.” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Says Journalism ‘Is Dead’ And It’s The ‘Biggest Gift’ Donald Trump Gave America)

In addition to Mariah Carey, Markle has been joined by Serena Williams for the new show, which launched Aug. 23. The duchess was called out by podcaster Megyn Kelly for her comments Aug. 29, wherein she compared herself to Nelson Mandela.

You can listen to the full episode with Carey here and judge for yourself.