Alaska Voter Rolls Feature 9 Genders, Including ‘76120’ And ‘Italy’


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Alaska’s official voter rolls featured nine genders including “76120” and “Italy” after a glitch in the system, according to data analyst Will Muldoon.

“I purchase the rolls often, usually for just data nerd stuff,” Muldoon said in messages with the Daily Caller. “Yesterday, they had an off by one error for some overseas voters that shifted some columns over one to the right.”

Muldoon contacted Alaska vote officials about what he thought was likely an error. (RELATED: ‘We Also Have Something To Claim Back’: Top Russian Adviser Threatens To Reclaim Alaska Over US Sanctions)

“I emailed them to ask about [it] (my assumption is an extra ‘,’ or weird quotes issue in the SQL. Or they missed escaping something),” Muldoon continued. “So when I didn’t hear back I figure I’d have a quick laugh.”

The voter rolls listed several countries as genders, including Australia, Canada, Italy, and the United States. Letters such as “F,” “M” and “U,” appeared as genders as well. One gender was listed as “null.”

“F” was used 291,823 times and “M” 306,726 times, likely standing for “female” and “male,” respectively. Six out of the 9 genders listed were only used a few times at most, but “U” was used 642 times.