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How Smart Devices Can Help Winterize Your Home

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Winter is coming! That means we must prepare for another unexpected season when precipitation and snowfall make it harder to leave the house. Besides being ready for a power outage and stocking plenty of non-perishable food, we must also ensure that the house is resistant to winter weather. So, in the following paragraphs, you’ll learn how to winterize your home with smart devices that will make winter easier to handle.

How a smart thermostat can maintain a consistent indoor temperature

The World Organization Housing and health guidelines suggest that the minimum indoor temperature to prevent cold-related diseases should be about 18°C. This is also known to be the best temperature for sleeping because if your room is too hot, you may find yourself exhausted when waking up.

So to keep a consistent temperature inside your house day and night, getting a smart thermostat that can monitor your energy usage throughout the season while keeping the best temperature for your liking would be best. Smart thermostats are also great because you can check the temperature when you’re away, so you can warm up the house before getting home or change the setting whenever you want to.

When looking for a thermostat, make sure the model does the following:

  • Automatically adjusts the temperature according to your energy-saving needs;
  • It is easy to use through an app, voice control or smart-home integrations;
  • It has useful features, like turning lights off when you’re leaving;
  • Works with a common voice assistant, like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant;

You should also know that not all smart thermostats are the same, so you should look for one compatible with your HVAC system. If your thermostat supports the HVAC’s features, it can turn off automatically when you aren’t home and back on before you return.

How smart blinds can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency

Smart blinds have plenty of benefits for your house. They can maximize the amount of daylight in your home so that you can save some money on energy in the winter. Getting smart blinds can also help you control the solar gain and heat loss from your house by opening and closing at pre-programmed hours.

Here’s why you should consider smart blinds:

  • They are convenient. You can control them through a remote control, app, smartphone or through a voice assistant;
  • They save energy. The blinds are able to open during a sunny day to allow the sun to heat the room naturally;
  • They provide intelligent home integration. By using their data, smart blinds can determine whether opening or closing will help reduce energy use;
  • They can be paired with smart lighting. To maximize the amount of daylight in your home, you can pair such devices that can act as complementary methods to heat the house naturally;
  • They add insulation value to your windows, reducing heat transfer;
  • They provide security, as they can operate even when you’re not home. This makes people think that the house is occupied, so you’re not at risk of burglary.

How a smart humidifier can take care of your skin

In winter, the air gets very dry, and that can be damaging for your health, leading to easier virus transmissions, irritated nose and your skin painfully cracking. Dry air is even worse for people with acne or eczema, so getting a smart humidifier can help prevent such issues.

A humidifier will add moisture to the air through airborne water droplets. Given that the ideal indoor air humidity is between 30% and 50%, an intelligent humidifier will recognize the dryness level and set the humidity accordingly. Choosing an energy-efficient humidifier that saves energy while providing comfort would be best.

Look for these features when shopping for a smart humidifier:

  • Detachable tank that allows you to refill the tank without unplugging and plugging your humidifier;
  • Wireless remote models that let you adjust the setting from wherever you are;
  • Smart option that scans the air to determine the relative humidity in your environment;

Another option is an ultrasonic humidifier, which uses vibrations that send water droplets into the air. These devices provide a lot of moisture, are small and compact, are quieter than regular humidifiers and consume very little electricity.

How a leak detector can prevent broken pipes

Nothing is worse than an unresolved leak during the wintertime. As you may know, leaks can be caused by broken seals, clogged drains and even damaged pipe joints. But when pipes start to freeze, they’re more exposed to breaking or making it impossible for water to flow. Leaks can occur, especially in parts of the house that are not frequently checked, like the basement. So, installing a smart leak detection system can help avoid such problems.

A leak detection system works by monitoring water flow through a pipeline. When it detects unusual behavior, it cuts the water flow by closing a valve within the leak detector. This programmable system allows you to customize shut-off settings based on your household’s water usage patterns. You can remotely protect the house whether you’re at work or on vacation far away from home.

A leak detector also comes with an app, so it’s got Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you monitor your water usage in real-time. You’ll get notified through the app when a leak has sprung or a fitting burst behind a wall so that you’ll be able to act as fast as possible.

Here’s why you should install a leak detector system in your home:

  • It protects your home from costly damages, so you won’t have to deal with unexpected payments;
  • It helps you save water that you would waste otherwise;
  • Water damage can lead to mold, which aggravates allergic conditions, causes eye irritation, and in some cases, can even cause asthma attacks;
  • It may help the cost of your insurance to fall;
  • You get personalized analytics that can help you take better decisions in the future regarding winterizing your home;

To conclude, for the upcoming winter, you could try installing these smart devices to have a warm, safe and worriless season.


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