Remember When The CIA Experimented On People With LSD? Well, The ‘MK Ultra’ Trailer Just Dropped


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Finally, after decades of waiting, we’re finally getting a film on the iconic, terrifying, true story of MK Ultra.

Cinedigm acquired the Central Intelligence Agency thriller movie “MK Ultra” back in May, according to Deadline, and we were finally graced with a trailer released on Wednesday. Boy, does it look like a serious, scary, violent psychological thriller.

The movie is inspired by the true events in the 1960’s surrounding Project MKUltra, a CIA program developed to identify drugs like LSD that could be used as a type of psychological torture including to force confessions in interrogations, Deadline reported. Written by ex-intelligence officer Joseph Sorrentino, the plot focuses on psychiatrist Ford Strauss (played by Anson Mount), and his experiences running a subsect of MK Ultra in a rural Mississippi mental institution, the outlet noted.

My favorite line so far from the trailer is “politics and science make the worst of friends.” There’s little I could agree with more, but I would also argue that when it comes to LSD, politics and science become utterly irrelevant to those under its influence.

MK Ultra was developed at a time when the West was terrified of “brain warfare,” according to History. I personally cannot wait to see how the story of this mass-psychological phobia is portrayed. (RELATED: New Study Suggests Psychedelics Can ‘Free Up The Brains’ Of People With Severe Depression)

The film is set for release in theatres and streaming services on Oct. 7.