Pope Francis Says We Are Living Through A ‘Third World War’

Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Pope Francis said Wednesday that we are currently experiencing the outbreak of a “third World War.”

The comment came during a General Audience on Wednesday morning, during which Pope Francis recalled the outbreak of World War II, Vatican News reported. The Pope made his address to a Polish-speaking congregation.

“Tomorrow you will remember the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, which so painfully marked the Polish nation,” Pope Francis said on the eve of the 83rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. “May the memory of past experiences urge you to cultivate peace in yourselves, in your families, in social and international life,” he added.

He then turned his attention to the war in Ukraine, saying the world is living through a “third World War,” one that is being fought pieces at a time, Vatican News noted.

This is not the first time the Pope has said WWIII has already started. In April, he said humanity is moving in the direction of WWIII, and that it is likely “unavoidable,” the Daily Mail reported. (RELATED: Don’t Worry About Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit. China Invaded Us Years Ago, Didn’t You Notice?)

Pope Francis told the editors of European Jesuit publications in June that “World War III has been declared,” according to America Magazine. He posed the question, “What is happening to humanity that we have had three world wars in a century?”