Ten Dead, 15 Injured In Canada Mass Stabbing

USMAN KHAN/AFP via Getty Images

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Authorities are on the lookout for two men suspected of a mass stabbing that left ten people dead and fifteen more injured across several crime scenes in the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson have been identified as suspects after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received reports of stabbings early Sunday morning, CNN reported.  After the initial call, reports came in from 13 different locations across the province prompting authorities to issue a “civil emergency” warning local residents to “take precautions,” the report continued. Police confirmed that the suspects are still at large, but a manhunt is underway.

“We believe some of the victims may have been targeted by the suspects, and others have been attacked randomly,” said Rhonda Blackmore, assistant commissioner for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan, according to the Wall Street Journal. Blackmore added that speaking to a motive at this point in the investigation would be “extremely difficult.”

“Our thoughts are with the many victims deceased and injured, their family, friends and community. It is horrific what has occurred in our province today,” Blackmore added according to CNN.

While the death toll remains at 10 and the number of injured has been cited as 15, police have stated that other unconfirmed victims might have transported themselves to area hospitals, according to the WSJ.

Authorities tweeted they believe the suspects were last spotted in Regina, Saskatchewan traveling in a black Nissan sport-utility vehicle. They have urged the city’s residents to not leave secure areas and use caution in allowing people into their residences. (RELATED: Man Goes On Stabbing Spree Before Three Train Passengers Overpower Him)