Leftists Shred CNN Reporter For ‘Legitimate Questions’ About Hunter Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Leftists on Twitter ripped a CNN reporter Saturday for questioning Hunter Biden and his business dealings and claiming it “shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

Correspondent Sara Sidner shared an article from Yahoo! News regarding Hunter’s business dealings with Chinese billionaire Ye Jianming and Patrick Ho, who were under FBI investigation in 2017 for a “global bribery scheme.”

The article postulates whether Hunter’s associations with Chinese businessmen could pose a “counterintelligence threat.”

Sidner said people should be asking “legitimate questions” about Hunter Biden and the ongoing FBI investigation into him.

“There are serious questions that should be asked about Hunter Biden. H’s not an elected official but legitimate questions should be asked and answered about his former business dealings and how it was handled by the FBI. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

Tim Fullerton, who worked for former President Barack Obama’s digital team during his 2012 re-election claimed the Hunter scandal isn’t a “real story.”

“Can anyone explain to me why this is a story other than the GOP made it one? The only way this is a real story is if somehow Biden somehow did illegal to make his son rich. Do the people at CNN have any evidence that happened? And if they don’t (which they don’t), why cover it?”

Actor John Cusack told Sidner to “gimme a break” and deflected by asking ” are you gonna ask the same question about bill bars [sic] Ties to Epstein? Through his daddy? His obstruction of mueller / lying to Congress – child abduction?” (RELATED: Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner Has Concerns FBI agent Hid Info In Investigation: REPORT)

Former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee Cheri Jacobus simply tweeted “unfollowed.”

Former FBI agent Timothy Thibault resigned from the agency and is accused of stifling negative Hunter Biden reporting. Thibault was accused of ordering the closure of an “avenue of additional derogatory Hunter Biden reporting” in October of 2020, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley alleged.