Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Questions Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Faith Over Migrant Bussing

(Photo by KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot questioned Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s faith over bussing migrants from Texas at a press conference Sunday.

Lightfoot’s press conference came as about 50 illegal migrants from Texas were bussed to Chicago over the holiday weekend, according to Fox News.

“He professes to be a Christian,” Lightfoot said, according to Fox News. “This is not the Christianity and the teachings of the Bible that I know. And I think religious leaders all across the country are standing up and denouncing exactly this.” Abbott’s press secretary Renae Eze responded saying that “attacking the Governor’s commitment to his faith is a pathetic political ploy to change the conversation away from Mayor Lightfoot’s unwillingness to uphold her city’s self-declared sanctuary status.”

“Instead of lowly personal attacks on the governor and complaining about a few dozen migrants being bused into her sanctuary city, Mayor Lightfoot should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border – something the President continues failing to do,” Eze added, according to Fox News.

“I think it’s decidedly unpatriotic and un-American,” Lightfoot said, according to the outlet. “I understand the pressures that the people of Texas and some of the other border states are under. We see that on a daily basis. But the thing to do is not this. This is creating a human crisis. And treating people without dignity, without respect, it’s not who we are as Americans.” (RELATED: The Biden Admin Is Paying To Bus Illegal Migrants To New York City)

Abbott previously announced on Aug. 31 that he had sent a bus of illegal migrants to Chicago. Lightfoot’s office responded by saying “racism” was behind the decision.