Woman Reportedly Makes A Cool Million After Abandoning Her Teaching Career For OnlyFans


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Courtney Tillia says she became a millionaire when she ditched her teaching job and began streaming adult-only content on OnlyFans.

Tillia was a special-education teacher in Arizona before she made her lifestyle change three years ago, TMZ reported. She claimed it would have taken her roughly 25 years to earn one million dollars if she had stayed in her role as a teacher, in spite of the fact that she has a masters degree.

She reportedly generated $1 million in about three years by posting nude photos and suggestive content to her pages on the site. Tillia claimed she has absolutely no regrets about her new career path, according to TMZ.

Tillia carefully crafted her millionaire status through the use of her three OnlyFans accounts, each featuring different tiers of content. She has a free page, a merchandise store and a VIP page, which contains sexually explicity photos and videos and brings in the majority of her income, according to TMZ. The former-teacher-turned-online-adult-star claimed to have earned nearly $750k through her VIP page alone.

The online model’s merchandise page also generates income, as does her “free” page, which leads her fans through pay-per-view content, according to TMZ.

Tillia is proud of her new path in life, saying she is not worried about what her children think about her profession. She said she and her husband teach their children to be open-minded and not shame others for the choices they make in their lives, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Several Injured When OnlyFans Star Anna Paul Draws A Huge Crowd In Australia)

Tillia reportedly used a portion of her million dollars to move her family from Arizona to Los Angeles, and has treated them to family vacations in places such as Hawaii and Nashville. She also indulged in some solo travels to Colombia and Jamaica, the outlet noted.

Tillia also uses her OnlyFans income to donate to homeless shelters in the Los Angeles area, the outlet noted.