Kim Kardashian Opts To ‘Pick And Choose’ How To Fight Climate Change

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kim Kardashian says she tries to do what she can for the environment and is very aware of climate change, yet she continues to take flights in her private jet.

Kardashian recently graced the cover of Interview Magazine, and gave an extensive interview to journalist Mel Ottenberg. Their discussion veered onto the topic of global warming, and Kardashian revealed that in spite of caring deeply about the environment, she believes “you have to pick and choose what really works for you in your life.” Evidently, what “works for” her happens to be luxurious trips in a private jet that leaves a huge carbon footprint — because it’s essential to her lifestyle.


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Ottenberg discussed a variety of issues with Kardashian ranging from fashion to her new blonde look, then steered the conversation toward the environment. “Global warming. It is actually insane. There are fires in the south of France, the tarmac is melting in England,” Ottenberg said.

“Do you feel like you do anything to combat and prevent that?” he asked Kardashian. Ottenberg then interjected and said, “I don’t think I do that much, to be honest, and I’m curious what your thoughts are?”

Kardashian revealed her true feelings, but they weren’t what most fans expected to hear.

“I believe in climate change, and I believe that anything can help,” Kardashian said.

This comes on the heels of a report that revealed the celebrities with the biggest carbon footprints — a list that featured Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner, on, according to a study conducted by Yard.

“But I also believe in being realistic and I think sometimes there’s so much to worry about on this planet, and it can be really scary to live your life with anxiety,” Kardashian continued. (RELATED: REPORT: Leo DiCaprio Used Dark Money To Annoy People With Climate Lawsuits)

The reality TV star then started dancing around the topic and quickly lost any credibility she may have had. “I have super climate-change-involved friends, and I love learning from them,” she said before burying herself with the next sentence.

“I do what I can, but you have to pick and choose what really works for you in your life.”

Kardashian’s claim to care about the planet extends no further than having friends that do their part. She, of course, doesn’t feel she has to do hers — unless she feels like it.  She’ll pick and choose her environmentally-sound moments but is definitely not prepared to give up her jet-setting habits.

The only thing Ottenberg could mutter after her deep revelation was the word “yeah.”

Kardashian sealed her fate when she concluded the conversation by defending her laissez-faire approach. “No one’s going to be 100 percent perfect,” she said.