Harry Styles Addresses Chris Pine Spitting Rumors In The Most Epic Way

John Phillips/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Harry Styles just broke his silence on the Chris Pine spitting rumors in the most hilarious, unsuspecting way.

Fans across the globe recently tuned into a viral video that seemingly shows Styles spitting into Pine’s lap during the premiere of their movie “Don’t Worry Darling” in Venice, Italy.

Pine spoke up to debunk the rumors, claiming no such thing happened. Styles was silent on the matter until a moment during his Wednesday night concert in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. “It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to be back in New York,” the British star said to his fans. “I just popped very quickly [over] to Venice to spit on Chris Pine, but fret not, we’re back!” Styles said.

The crowd roared and cheered as Styles quipped about the bizarre video that had so many people talking and speculating across the globe. These were his first official remarks on the subject, and he crafted his approach wisely, relaying the absurdity of the rumor to the concert goers who had gathered to hear him perform.

Styles followed up his comment by saying he came to entertain the crowd. “We promise you we’ll do our absolute best,” he said as the crowd continued to cheer him on.

“Your job… your job tonight, is to have as much fun as you possibly can,” Styles said to his fans. (RELATED: Harry Styles Has The Best Reaction To Chicken Nuggets Thrown At Him On Stage)

“I challenge you, I challenge you, to have as much fun as I do… We’re gonna do it together, here we go!” Styles shouted, as he began strumming his guitar.

Pine came forward to put an end to the rumors prior to Styles’ concert.

“There is nothing but respect between these two men and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant attempt to create drama,” a representative for Pine said in a statement about the alleged spitting incident, according to People.