Hillary’s TV Show ‘Gutsy’ Censors Her Performance At A French Clown School


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The first episode of “Gutsy” follows twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, as they’re supposed to explore comedy, but the show censors every opportunity to show the senior Clinton clowning around.


A portion of the Apple TV+ show is dedicated to a Woody Allen-style wander around Paris, France, before the Clintons end up at clown school. For the first few moments, I was somewhat impressed by the indie vibe of the footage, but things quickly devolve into the leftist propaganda version of “The Vagina Monologues.”

The producers (of whom the Clintons are two) refuse to show Clinton’s attempt at clowning. Instead, they decided to do an artsy-fartsy supercut of Clinton in clown clothing, clearly performing, but the viewers are only allowed to watch, not listen to her work.

This leads me to believe that her attempt to be funny was so cringe that she simply couldn’t let us hear what she was saying. Us viewers are forced to watch her galivant around on stage as pretty music plays over her later than midlife crisis.

As one of my incredible colleagues put it, “she was clearly trying to show how unguarded and carefree she can be, but when the moment came to actually watch her “clowning,” the scene was so overproduced and censored, the viewer leaves with the same impression they came in with — Hillary Clinton is a deeply insecure control freak.”

The rest of the episode is essentially just the Clintons sitting around with a bunch of female comedians, bitching about everything from men to inequality. Sorry, but how is there female inequality in comedy when all of these women have their own Apple TV+ show?

Of course things turn political eventually, with Hillary taking the opportunity in conversation with Wanda Sykes to describe her experiences at the 2016 Presidential debate with former President Donald Trump. “It was a surreal experience, cause he’s stalking me, and leering, and looking over me,” Hillary stated. “Do I turn around and say ‘back off you creep.’ If he tried to make a joke out of it, I just couldn’t see.”

I know how you feel, Hillary. I couldn’t see the jokes in the first episode of “Gutsy” either.

Then she took aim at journalists, saying “I could just see, you know, the pundits, who are predominantly men, all saying ‘how can she stand up against, you know, fill-in-the-blank leader if she can’t take somebody stalking her on the stage.”

Apparently Hillary felt like it was her responsibility to bring it all together (the country? the debate? anything?), noting that women have to overthink their responses more than men, which is why she didn’t retaliate during the debate with Trump. Sykes tried to give her advice on how to handle these types of situations, but who knows if it landed.

Of course, no talk of comedy is complete without a sharp focus on woke cancel culture. Instead of talking to comedians on the other side of the political spectrum, the Clinton Clan prevaricate without action (as per usual). Hillary acknowledges that it’s harder to do comedy thanks to cancel culture, while Chelsea said she was glad that some topics are now off limits. (RELATED: John Daly Shares His Blunt Thoughts On Biden Voters, Clinton’s Golf Game)

I didn’t really have any major takeaways from the first episode of “Gutsy.” It just felt like a normal, boring day out with a bunch of miserable rich women. Honestly, I don’t know what this  show adds to anyone’s day. It’s not escapism. It’s not revolutionary. It just sort of… is.