EXCLUSIVE: Marco Rubio Denounces MLB Team’s Donations To Child Sex Change Surgeries

Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

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Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio sent a letter to the owner of the Tampa Bay Rays over its donations to medical facilities that engage in sex change surgeries for minors, according to a letter obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

Rubio’s letter details the “misinformation and disinformation” perpetuated about hormone “treatments” provided by a Tampa Bay-area clinic. The Tampa Bay Rays donated $20,000 to Metro Inclusive Health (MIH), a medical facility that provides transgender children with “Hormone Replacement Therapy,” according to an investigation from National Review.

“I’ve always been a supporter of the Rays, but I was shocked by this decision. Baseball is America’s sport, and most Americans don’t want their sports teams pushing the radical left’s agenda to provide irreversible and dangerous procedures to young children,” Rubio told the Daily Caller. “I hope that the Rays understand the implications of their donation and change course in the future.”

Rubio alleged in the letter that MIH is “using puberty blockers in a way that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.” The Senator informed the MLB team owner that the acting director for the National Institutes of Health said that federal researchers are only “observing the longer-term psychological impact of these protocols” and drugs, but noted that foreign research has led other countries to curtail their pediatric use.

“The Rays Baseball Foundation’s goal of ‘improving the lives of those in need within our community, focusing primarily on education, youth development, wellness, and social responsibility is a noble one,” the letter continues. “Yet, the donation made to MIH indicates a lack of awareness about the nature of the organization’s activities and the long-term damage it can have on the very people your foundation and MIH claim to serve.”

The letter comes after an investigation uncovered that several MLB franchises funded organizations that, in some cases, perform child sex change surgeries. The organizations fund the surgeries via charity partnerships and fundraisers. (RELATED: MLB Franchises Are Funneling Money Into Orgs That Promote, Perform Child Sex Changes)

Twenty MLB franchises partook in such partnerships. Five promoted or funded groups that provide surgical sex changes to minors.

The Daily Caller has reached out to the Tampa Bay Rays for comment and will update the story as necessary.