Who Is This Paratrooper, And Can We Buy Him A Drink?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A Canadian paratrooper has reportedly come under fire — not by the enemy, but by his superiors after he cracked a cold one while floating down to Earth.

Footage of the unnamed paratrooper went viral on social media after being posted on Twitter in early September. It shows the tatted-up trooper descending toward Earth in full military garb, floating over an idyllic landscape as he pops open a can of Miller Lite.

The only words uttered by this incredible man who volunteered his life to defend his fellow countrymen? After a heavy sigh, he says “the government,” and shakes his head.

Apparently the guy is Canadian and is floating over a lake in Petawawa in Ontario, according to Coffee or Die. The magazine was quick to join ranks with the man, saying, “We’re with you brother!”

After the footage went viral, a Canadian National Defense spokesperson Dan Le Bouthillier said that an investigation has been opened into the incident and that the soldier in the video left the military on September 1, 2022, Coffee or Die noted.

“The conduct of the soldier is completely inappropriate, unsafe and not in accordance with Canadian Army safety static line parachute procedures,” Le Bouthillier told Coffee or Die. “It is important to note that the code of service discipline still applies to retired members for breaches that occurred while serving.” (RELATED: ‘Manipulated And Groomed’: Retired Green Beret Explains Why So Many Women Go Missing)

It’s pretty safe to say that Le Bouthillier is not invited to the eventual drinks I hope me and all of my friends will have with this absolute Canadian legend. Perhaps this guy will join us though.

The only thing stopping this from happening?  We don’t know who this guy is! Whoever you are, thank you for your service.