Hillary Pals Around With Former Neo-Nazis In Ep. 2 Of ‘Gutsy’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The second episode of “Gutsy,” Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s abysmal pilot propaganda programming on Apple TV+ commences with the duo hanging out with a couple of former neo-Nazis.

Unlike the marginally upbeat premier to the series, episode two is a horrific descent into macro-psychosocial manipulation that leaves viewers with two options: either you agree with everything the Clintons think, feel, and say, or you’re the equivalent of a modern day neo-Nazi. Almost the entire episode lies on a foundation of hate fostered exclusively by those on the right, according to the Clinton family.

But before we dig into all of that, here’s some pretty funny news: at the time of writing, “Gutsy” has eight ratings total on Rotten Tomatoes, giving it a critics score of 63%. There are literally no audience scores. I’ll be keeping tabs on these as the weeks go on, but what an embarrassing start to the Clinton’s probably already-failed television career.

Okay, back to the Nazis.

Episode 2 focuses on the topic of “Hate.” To deeply and meaningfully explore this rising strife in our social-psyche, the Clintons head out to a margarita brunch with four women I’ve never heard of, but apparently have some clout in far-leftist society.

In an initial moment of levity and self-deprecation, the women all read out mean tweets written about themselves. Is this an original idea? No, but it was fun. Did the Clinton’s do the same? Absolutely not.

Failure to read out truly mean tweets about themselves just further reinforces the point made in a previous article: Hillary Clinton is an astonishing control freak. I don’t think she even took a sip of her margarita. Loser.

One had to wonder whether she would bring up any of the things that Hillary is hated for: Benghazi, Epstein, etc. Or, fucking wild idea: why not use the episode to reach across the ideological isle and converse with people presumed to be the source of such universal hated.

HA! The chance would be a fine thing. No, the Clintons clearly had zero interest in speaking to anyone from outside of their hideous mental bubble. They’d rather perpetuate the hate they claim to fight against.

From their margarita brunch and bitch session (again, miserable rich women moaning about other people’s opinions) the Clintons head to hang out with Megan Thee Stallion. I had no idea who this woman was before watching “Gutsy,” but damn did she come across well.

While it was hard not to throw up in my mouth listening to Clinton talk about the song “WAP,” Stallion came across as a pretty down-to-Earth woman with a strong work ethic, a grounded understanding of the fleeting nature of success, and she’s not a bad painter either. She struck me as the kind of woman I’d absolutely love to do brunch with, except we’d have to switch out margs for mimosas and a spliff.

Other than Stallion’s brief commentary, the entire episode boasts and fuels the utter division ripping America apart at its seams. Clinton goes out of her way to heighten political, social, and ideological tension in a way that — if anyone bothered to watch the show other than me (and I’m only doing it because I’m paid to) — could seriously make things worse from a partisan perspective.

Concluding this plane crash of an episode, Clinton exploits the harrowing losses of two mothers, their children victims of hate crimes. She sits in faux-respect as these beautiful souls pour their broken hearts out to her. At one point, I felt like I could almost see the votes, the clicks, the likes in flashing her eyes like cherries on a slot machine as these mothers recounted the loss of their children. (RELATED: We Missed This, But It’s Literally The Most Disgusting Hillary Clinton Story We’ve Ever Heard)

If Hillary and Chelsea achieved anything in this piece of work, it’s to cement their place as the perpetrators of division in American history. If this nation fails, future generations will likely know it was because of these two hate-filled women.