The NFL Makes A Sickening Decision. How Low Will The League Stoop?

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Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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The National Football League is apparently not finished insulting its fans, because last night it held a moment of silence for the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth. From England. In case you’ve forgotten, allow me to remind you that England has won zero Super Bowls. They’ve won zero SEC championships. They only play fake football.

Occasionally we will loan them the Jaguars, but the joke is on them because no one wants to watch the Jaguars over here anyway.

This is a slap in the face to NFL fans still reeling from the Washington Redskins name change to the Commies, and it shows that there is no depth to which this league won’t stoop. This is yet another slap in the face to our troops, more than 45,000 of whom died over the course of two wars so that Americans wouldn’t have to bow to an old person in a funny hat. (RELATED: Veterans’ Groups Blast NFL Players For Disrespecting The American Flag)

Every day Americans forget more and more the spirit of 1776, the “proposition that all men are created equal.” Monarchy stands for the exact opposite of that. We at the Daily Caller are appropriately respectful of Elizabeth’s family and recognize their loss, but we also are not going to pretend that one person embodies the soul of an entire nation. Too many of our boys died for us to do otherwise.

Last night was a night to open the NFL season and celebrate what makes football, and America, so great. Gratuitous violence. Patriotism. Watching men exercise while we drink ourselves into liver disease cheering in solidarity with our geographical regions. Instead, the NFL put America second, behind the tyrants we vanquished centuries ago. Shame on them.