‘Every Conspiracy Theory Came True’: Aaron Rodgers, Bill Maher Shred COVID Response

(YouTube/Screenshot/Club Random Podcast)

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told Bill Maher on the Club Random Podcast on Sunday that nearly “every conspiracy” related to the coronavirus came true.

The two were discussing vaccines, politics and the COVID-19 lockdowns when Maher said that students at his alma mater, Cornell, had to mask up outside even though science shows young adults and children are not likely to die from the coronavirus.

“This is all just, this is ideology, this is not medicine, this is indoctrination, and to me the frightening thing was never the disease itself. The frightening thing was how much you could get people, so quickly, to change their way of life. Stay home, wear a mask, you know,” Maher said.

Rodgers then chimed in noting that although he was initially “altruistic” about two weeks to slow the spread, “just about, well, every conspiracy theory came true” later on. “Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and it turned into like away from doing your job to stop the spread to like lockdowns,” the football star added.

Rodgers then lamented the loss of small businesses due to the heavy restrictions. Maher then said some PPP loans were given out, but a lot of it was fraudulent. (RELATED: ‘I’m Not F*cking Going On Fox’: Aaron Rodgers Bucks ‘Conservative’ Label With Bill Maher)

“We spent more to keep people hiding under the bed than we did for World War II,” Maher said. “Talk about a country that’s gone a little soft.”