‘Couldn’t Last Another Minute’: R. Kelly Juror Suffers Panic Attack


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A young female on jury duty in the R. Kelly court case suffered a panic attack during a break in proceedings Monday.

The juror, who has not been identified, was promptly removed and replaced after breaking down, according to TMZ. The judge presiding over the case stated he was told the juror “couldn’t last another minute,” and experienced a frightening panic attack as a result of  the sensitive subject matter discussed in the hearing, reporter Jon Seidel told TMZ.

The incident unfolded in the Chicago courthouse, but the severity of the juror’s panic attack and her current condition remain unknown. The juror is said to have begun experiencing the panic attack shortly after the prosecution gave their closing argument, according to TMZ.

A male alternate juror has been called upon to step in for jury duty, to take over the woman’s place. It has been confirmed that the new juror has not had any exposure to the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, in order to ensure a fair trial, according to TMZ. (RELATED: REPORT: Disgraced Artist R. Kelly Will Become A Father Again While In Jail)

The prosecution in this case alleges Kelly is a sexual predator that used his celebrity status and clout in the music industry to take advantage of minors, and claim the star continued to abuse and exploit young women for years during the height of his fame, according to TMZ.

This court matter is in addition to another trial which resulted in a 30-year federal jail sentence in New York.

Court is expected to reconvene with the new juror.