‘Look At Mark Kelly Squirm’: Arizona GOP Candidate Blake Masters Pounces As Opponent Dodges Questions On Biden Record

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican candidate for Senate in Arizona, Blake Masters, pounced on his challenger, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, after Kelly dodged a question on whether President Joe Biden is doing a good job.

Kelly sat down for an interview Sunday with Arizona’s Family to discuss the upcoming election and current events. At one point, the interviewer asked Kelly about Biden’s record.

“Your thoughts on [Biden’s] job, has he done a good job, do you think?” he asked the senator.

“Hey, I th—, you know, I, uh, you know, I, it, first of all, it’s not my job to give him a report card,” Kelly said, appearing to stutter. “I would say, mixed reviews on certain things. I have issues about Afghanistan, how our role in Afghanistan ended.”

Kelly then said he collaborated with the Biden administration to work with Ukraine, saying the administration “gets high marks” for their work in that area.

Blake Masters took to social media to pounce on Kelly’s seeming hesitance to support the president. (RELATED: ‘Not Exactly An Open Invitation’: Tapper Presses Sen. Kelly After He Dodges Whether He Wants Biden To Campaign For Him)

“Look at Mark Kelly squirm when asked if Biden is doing a good job,” Masters tweeted Monday about the interview. “Senator: Biden’s record is YOUR record. Can’t hide from that now,” he added in the tweet.

Kelly also apparently would not commit to attending an event with Biden during the interview. Kelly said he would “certainly consider” going to an event in Arizona that Biden hosted, adding it depended on where the event is and what the goal of it would be, but added he would welcome the president if Biden “wanted to come out here and see Arizona.”