Arizona Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Pushes Anti-School Choice Agenda. She Went To Private School

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Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Arizona’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee released an education plan that would significantly reduce programs that help poor families attend private schools, despite attending a private school herself.

Katie Hobbs announced her education plan on Sept. 12, which calls for significant reforms to Arizona’s newly expanded Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA). The ESA program allows taxpayer funds intended for public schools to follow the taxpayer’s child to whichever education institution they wish to attend.

Hobbs argues that the program takes money away from government-funded public schools. She says she is a product of “Arizona schools,” while talking about public schools.

“For far too long, Arizona has been last in the nation in terms of teacher pay and school rankings, and our kids and their futures are being shortchanged,” Hobbs said in a statement. “As a parent and as a product of Arizona schools myself, I know our state can be the best place to live, work and raise a family and that starts with making sure our children are receiving a high-quality education.”

In her education plan, the gubernatorial candidate said she “continues to oppose the universal expansion of school vouchers.” Hobbs argues that the voucher system is unpopular, though the program received 6,800 new applications within the first two weeks.

Hobbs attended a private Catholic school, according to the school’s notable alumni list. In an interview, Hobbs said the school felt familial and praised her education.

“It really felt like a family,” she said. “You really had a chance to get to know the people that you went to school with.”

Hobbs’ twin sister, Becky Williams, is also the 2021-2022 president of the teachers union Scottsdale Education Association. (RELATED: Teachers Union Conducted Research On Parent Groups That Wanted To Reopen Schools)

Katie Hobbs did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.