Pet Kangaroo Kills Owner, Tries To Stop Paramedics From Saving Him, Police Say


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An Australian man died Monday after his pet kangaroo reportedly attacked him, according to police.

A relative discovered the 77-year-old man at his home around 250 miles from Perth, according to the BBC. He was suffering serious injuries, believed to have been caused by his pet kangaroo, police reported.

When emergency service personnel arrived at the rural property, the animal stopped them from providing the man with treatment for his injuries, the BBC continued. Law enforcement were forced to shoot the animal dead so the paramedics could reach the man and administer care, according to the report.

The man died at the scene, making this the first fatal attack potentially caused by a kangaroo in 86 years, the New York Times reported. Kangaroos are not known for violent behavior against humans, as their first instincts are typically to run, Native Animal Rescue nurse Tanya Irwin told the NYT.

The last known fatal kangaroo attack occurred in 1936 when a man attempted to rescue his two pet dogs from a kangaroo, the NYT continued. He died months after the attack from extensive head injuries, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Man Uses Frying Pan In Epic Battle Against Crocodile)

Reports suggest the man was a local alpaca breeder, Peter Eades, who had been keeping the 3-year-old kangaroo at his home. He told ABC in 2017 that when he died, he wanted to be buried next to his favorite alpaca, Claudia, in his alpaca cemetery.