Wisconsin Education Department Promotes ‘Gender Expansive’ Resources For Three-Year-Olds

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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the education arm of the state government, promotes transgender video resources and suggested reading explicitly aimed at preschoolers, according to a resource titled “Resources for Gender Expansive Preschoolers.”

The guide includes a litany of resources for three to five-year-olds, including videos that talk about transgender ideology. One video shows the story of a biological girl whose parents transitioned her to a boy. Another video encouraged parents to allow young boys to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween.

A video in the resource guide informs children that parents concerned about whether it is appropriate for young children to learn about gender issues in public schools are “trolls.” The video from the Human Rights Campaign paints concerned parents as exclusive.

Parents of gender-confused three-year-olds are encouraged to seek “gender-affirming” treatment. The guide showcases articles from NPR and the New York Times, both of which make the case for affirming a minor’s perceived gender identity.

The guide also encourages parents to read “A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns.” The comic-style book dubs anyone who refuses to capitulate to non-binary pronouns as “jerks.”

Included in the guide is a suggested reading list for preschoolers. Three and five-year-olds are encouraged to read the book “I Am Jazz,” which discusses a transgender toddler.



Wisconsin’s education department promotes LGBT resources in other parts of its website as well. A separate webpage shows the taxpayer-funded department promotes the video show “AMAZE,” which creates sex education content crafted specifically for kids. AMAZE advocates teaching children and adolescents about sexuality and gender identity, according to the organization’s website. (RELATED: Leftist Org Promotes ‘Age-Appropriate’ Sex Education Videos For Students, Educators)

Several of the AMAZE videos discuss sexual orientation with young children. The main characters in the animated videos discuss topics such as “Is It Ok To Shave Your Vulva?” and “Sex Assigned at Birth and Gender Identity: What Is The Difference?”

Chris Bucher, the director of communications for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, told the Daily Caller that the department supports the resource guide and the agenda it promotes.

“The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction supports and advocates for all Wisconsin students, and that includes our trans and nonbinary students of all ages, as well as their cisgender classmates,” Bucher said. “Creating safe spaces by affirming identities benefits every student, and part of high-quality education is learning about different perspectives and lived experiences.”