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According To Justin Waiau, These 5 Cryptocurrencies Would Survive A Crash

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Market crashes are inevitable. They occur because markets tend to fluctuate. However, the period of this transformation is often marked with anxiety. Investors worry about their investments and are often taken by surprise when a crash comes knocking. The world of crypto is not spared similar consequences. And despite its robust nature, technological enhancements, and the ability to work with advanced statistical analysis, cryptocurrencies can also succumb to unprecedented market crashes. However, according to Justin Waiau, here are 5 options that would survive despite a crash. Let’s take a closer look.


A quick online survey would help a cautious investor see that the name Tamadoge pops up more than others as a robust cryptocurrency that can survive market crashes. But what makes it so? Justin Waiau explains, “A quick way to understand why Tamadoge will fare better than say, dogecoin, is because of what the former offers. Although they both provide utility in terms of high coin supply, only Tamadoge offers rewards. Its availability on exchanges such as LBank and UniSwap further add to its exposure and eventually overall circulation thus upping its survival game.”

Lucky Block

Lucky Block has many things going in its favor. For Justin Waiau, what makes this a potential survivor during a dip are reasons like, “it owning its NFT collection which offers owners lifetime access to their prize draws without any added cost. Incidentally, it has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2022, and that only goes on to show that it’s built well from the inside out. Its strength lies in its design and prize draws which will help it stay afloat when troubles ensue in the market.”

DeFi Coin

One of the main reasons for DeFi’s popularity is its ability to function without a centralized third party. According to Justin Waiau, “DeFi is a fast-growing cryptocurrency because it’s very versatile. It’s in the process of building an intuitive and easy-to-use DEX or Secure Decentralized Exchange which, unlike traditional centralized exchanges, does not require users to provide any sensitive personal information via KYC documents. Its anonymity is one of its most attractive features. And I firmly believe that its ability to be flexible and change with the market will help it ward off potential market crashes.”


Old and going strong; BitCoin, although not the best option to invest in during a crash is still better than many others. For Justin Waiau, “BitCoin is one of the most well-recognized cryptocurrencies in the world. Even those who know nothing about the crypto world have heard of Bitcoin. The reason for that is Bitcoin’s ability to not take too many risks but hold its ground as best as it can.”


For Justin Waiau, “Ethereum is another well-known entity in the crypto world. It has dealt with previous crashes by offering cryptocurrencies at highly discounted prices and slowly but surely find its way back up as it did towards the end of 2021.”

Justin Waiau’s concise list can help you make the right choices during a market crash.