EXCLUSIVE: CPAC Pressuring Every GOP Office To Support Bill Banning Gender Surgeries On Minors

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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The Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) sent a letter Tuesday to every Republican in the House of Representatives, calling on them to cosponsor a bill that would ban gender surgeries on minors.

The letter, which was first obtained by the Daily Caller, was sent to every House Republican Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Director and urges them to back Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Protect Children’s Innocence Act.” The bill charges any person who knowingly performed gender-affirming care on a minor with a Class C Felony, which could put them in prison for 10 to 25 years or require a maximum $250,000 fine.

The legislation, originally introduced on Aug. 19, also prohibits all taxpayer-funded gender-affirming care, prohibits institutions of higher education from providing instruction on gender-affirming care, and more.

“Across the country we have seen the radical gender politics of the Woke Left infiltrate all facets of our lives. As a result, the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) has undertaken an effort to drive legislation throughout the country to protect children from the Left’s radical gender theory in schools, sports, and medicine,” the letter reads.

“As such, we view Rep. Taylor Greene’s Protect Children’s Innocence Act as common-sense legislation meant to protect children. Accordingly, CPAC supports the Protect Children’s Innocence Act and urges you to co-sponsor the legislation,” the letter continues.


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

“CPAC will continue to stand for individual freedom and the protection of the vulnerable. Children should not be sexualized in schools at tender ages. The government’s role in our life should be constrained, but it has a duty to protect kids from the indoctrination and permanent physical and emotional destruction caused by the false teaching that gender is chosen,” Matt Schlapp, chairman of CPAC, told the Caller after sending the letter.

“I’m thrilled to have Matt Schlapp’s support. I really am. I’m honored to have it,” Greene told the Caller. “It’s all about protecting kids. And I think it’s the most important thing Republicans can do right now is to protect kids because the Democrat’s policies are so dangerous for our children.” (RELATED: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban To Speak At CPAC In Texas)

Greene also added she does not know how any Republican can be opposed to the legislation.

“I don’t know how a Republican member of Congress would not support it. That’s shocking to me and I think they’ll be hearing from people in their districts all over the country. I can tell you right now there’s a lot of people staying on top of this, I know with Matt’s help and other major groups help they’re going to be pushing this in every district. This is a no-brainer for Republicans,” Greene said. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: CPAC Organizers Decline Invite To Facebook Meeting)

The Daily Caller reported Tuesday that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction promotes transgender video and reading resources explicitly aimed at preschoolers, according to a guide titled “Resources for Gender Expansive Preschoolers.”