Influencer Who Met Biden Said He Smelled ‘Like The Warmest Cup Of Cocoa On The Perfect Snowstorm Night’

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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An influencer met President Biden and was fortunate enough to snap a selfie, which she posted Tuesday alongside a bizarre follow-up tweet describing what Biden smelled like.

Being excited about meeting a president is perfectly normal, but it’s not often that someone will describe in excruciating detail what the commander-in-chief smelled like when they got up-close and personal with him. For those who are wondering what it’s like to get a whiff of Biden, he apparently smells warm and delicious.

A social media influencer posting under the Twitter username @JoJoFromJerz captioned the original tweet containing the photo with a simple, “Oh hi, Mr. President.” Things didn’t go off the rails until another user asked her about Biden’s scent.

“He smelled like the warmest cup of Cocoa on the perfect snowstorm night when the cable is out and the lights flicker and your kids want you to play with them after not wanting that forever and the house is abuzz with excitement & connectedness and love and nostalgia… like that,” Jo wrote.

The Daily Caller was unable to directly corroborate Jo’s description of Biden’s distinctive musk (though, to be fair, we didn’t really try), and other information is scarce. The Delaware History Museum sells a $22 Joe Biden scented candle that reportedly smells like oranges, but Wilmington’s News Journal reports that the candle is “[c]ertainly not” an accurate representation of the president’s odor.

Alex Jones famously claimed in a 2016 rant that former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smell like sulfur, but he failed to mention then-Vice President Biden.(RELATED: ‘America Lost And Joe Biden Took A Victory Lap’: Watters Wallops White House Celebration While Inflation Soars)


Jo was clearly smitten with Biden, and it seems she went through some sort of sensory overload that only she can understand. It also leaves fans with a burning question: Why was she trying to inhale Biden’s odor?

Her description certainly sounded cozy, but I can’t say I’d recommend that my readers go out of their way to sniff the president for themselves. Secret Service might frown on that.