Runway Model Falls Multiple Times Thanks To Her High Heels At New York Fashion Week


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A runway model fell a number of times as she strutted in front of the audience at New York Fashion Week.

Video footage shows the model struggling in heels that appear to be too high and unstable, and shows her repeatedly falling onto the floor very hard before deciding to finish the show barefoot. The unidentified model was on the catwalk in a warehouse in New York City to showcase pieces by the brand Alicia’s Designs, according to TMZ.

The model put forth visible effort and wobbled precariously in an effort to stay upright. The footage shows her making repeated attempts to correct the instability she was evidently experiencing with her shoes before she took a tumble and landed roughly on both knees.

In spite of falling to the floor in the middle of the show, the model got up within seconds and resumed her strut as if she hadn’t missed a beat, as seen in the footage.

She managed to take eight relatively confident-looking steps before her knees buckled and her ankles rolled once more. The model fell to the ground again, but this time, she stopped for a moment, apparently to shake herself off while on the runway. (RELATED: Bethenny Frankel Takes A Hard Fall While Roller Skating)

The room erupted with applause, with the audience appearing to show support for the model’s perseverance through the embarrassing and seemingly painful struggle.

She fought against her heels as she exited the room and made her way backstage, demonstrating her dedication to ensuring
“the show must go on.”

The model re-emerged with bare feet for the finale of the show, as seen in the video footage.