Leonardo DiCaprio Had Some Blunt Advice For Rising Hollywood Star

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Leonardo DiCaprio has been wildly successful in his career and has bestowed some of his wisdom onto relative newcomer Timothee Chalamet.

Chalamet recently sat down for an interview with Vogue, in which he spoke candidly about adulting, superstardom and how he has managed to stay afloat in a wild industry in which so many celebrities find themselves drowning. Chalamet says he credits DiCaprio for giving him some of the most valuable advice he has received in his life, and the guidance was blunt and simple:

“No hard drugs and no superhero movies,” DiCaprio reportedly told Chalamet.

The advice was well-received, and Chalamet said he has stayed on the straight-and-narrow despite Hollywood’s many temptations. “So far, so good. Give or take,” Chalamet said in his interview.

The famous actor admitted that during the pandemic he began to reevaluate his celebrity lifestyle and came to the realization that he needed to improve his “adulting.” He took DiCaprio’s advice to heart and pushed himself to reach a higher level of personal growth. “When COVID hit, it required me to take a step back,” Chalamet said, adding that everyone has to “deal with, like, taxes and the dentist and real adulting, you know?”

“I should have been trying to get my adult feet under myself a little bit earlier than I did,” he said.

Chalamet admits that although he did his best to avoid the hard drugs (and superhero movies) like DiCaprio told him to, he wasn’t completely grounded during his younger days. (RELATED: REPORT: Leo DiCaprio Already Moving On To Older Women)

“I found myself having to really, you know, be honest with myself that where I’ve been able to get myself to in life was balls to the wall, like throwing everything at [it] at a young age that, by some miracle, got me to where I am,” he told Vogue.

“But to then transition to an adulting mindset… Taxes and the dentist? I’ve always paid my taxes, I always went to the dentist, but I’m suddenly very aware of that,” Chalamet said.

“So the ways I feel older than 26 I have always felt. It’s not like I feel like I’ve had some mental breakthrough that has given me perspective. The perspective that feels ‘old man,’ I feel like I was born with it,” he said.