MMA Star Brutally Sucker Punches YouTube Star Mid-Interview


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Polish MMA fighter Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roslik sucker punched a YouTube star mid-interview, video shows.

The dramatic incident unfolded Tuesday while journalist Monica Laskowska was interviewing YouTube personality Sadek. Roslik quickly approached and punched Sadek, who fell to the ground before getting back up, seemingly confused and wiping blood from his mouth.


“It’s ok,” Sadly said after regaining his footing as he looks around seemingly unsure of what just transpired.

Laskowska was also visibly shocked.

Sadek had allegedly criticized Roslik and his family which may have led to the attack, according to MMANews. Roslik is not facing any legal issues as a result of the incident, MMANews reported. (RELATED: MMA Fighter Pins Alleged Serial Puncher In Epic Street Brawl)

Roslik previously lost his cool during a March event in which during the middle of an interview he threw several punches at his opponent after he was slapped.

Roslik repeatedly punched his opponent before stomping on him.

Roslik is slated to fight Pawel “Scarface” Bomba at High League 4 in Poland on Saturday, according to the report.

Roslike was disqualified in 2020 after he kicked his opponent in the head after he fell to the ground unconscious after a knockout, according to Golf Digest.