Several NFL Teams Have Absurdly Expensive Beer, And There Is Only One Man To Blame


Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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As if Americans didn’t have enough to worry about, several NFL teams are charging more than ten dollars for beer at their stadiums.

Families are hurting, there’s no denying it. The latest inflation numbers were proof enough of that. To force football-loving Americans to pay insane prices for average-sized tall boys just adds fuel to the fire.

Am I happy that the NFL is back? Absolutely. But with these prices there is no chance whatsoever I will be going to see any more games in-person this season. We at the Daily Caller attended a Washington Commies preseason game, and a parking pass cost more than the ticket. It’s no coincidence that the Commies charge the fifth-highest beer prices in the league.

There is zero chance whatsoever that this gentleman would have given such a legendary interview with beer prices at $14.67.


It’s important to keep in mind that beer is made from barley, corn, and other grains. But with Joe Biden trying to use ethanol to keep gas prices down, that means that there will be less corn to use for our beer. This is simple supply and demand folks! (RELATED: Chicago Is Such A Disaster That Even The Bears Might Leave)

We already know that liberals hate football. The vegetarians don’t like that the balls are made of pigskin, and the over-educated college graduates are terrified their babies will get concussions and lose a couple IQ points. But spending trillions of dollars to drive up inflation and the price of alcohol should be beyond the pale. We all have to agree on that.

If they don’t knock this off, we’re coming after their tennis and WNBA.