A Flock Of Sheep Takes Over Tom Cruise’s Film Set In England

Myung-Gu/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Tom Cruise is so popular that even a flock of sheep couldn’t resist crashing the set of his movie while the star was filming.

The production of “Mission: Impossible 8” was temporarily delayed when a large flock of sheep invaded the set in England’s Lake District, according to ET. As frustrating as it was for Cruise and the rest of his crew to experience a delay in filming, the flock of sheep was a sight to remember. The crew took in the moment as the sheep walked through the space, according to Fox News.

The animals entered the area when a gate was inadvertently left open. Sources close to Cruise reported that the famous actor got a real kick out of the moment. He stood by admiring the sheep and laughing at the presence of his surprise guests, according to ET. Production resumed once the animals passed through the area used for filming.

This isn’t the first delay the movie has experienced, although it’s by far the cutest. (RELATED: Newly Surfaced Video Shows Tom Cruise Laughing Hysterically As He Recalls Cutting Off Man’s Oxygen During Flight)

“Mission: Impossible 8” also faced a production delay when two microlight airplanes flew directly over the set. This forced two of the helicopters being flown for the film to touch down in an adjacent field until it was safe for them to take flight again, according to ET

Tom Cruise was filming a stunt which involved him parachuting to the ground in a downward spiral at the time that the helicopters had to be grounded.

Hopefully there won’t be any more barnyard animals making their way onto the set.

Leena Nasir