Kanye West Confesses He Has Never Read A Book, And Now His Behavior Makes Sense

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kanye West made a huge confession while he appeared as a guest on Alo’s Danny Harris and Alyson Wilson podcast that aired Friday.

The rapper and business mogul was asked to weigh in about a meaningful book that speaks about willpower and confidence. He then admitted that he hadn’t read that book, and proceeded to clarify to fans that he hasn’t read a book — ever.

“I actually haven’t read any book,” West said. “Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli,” he said during the podcast. If what he’s saying is true, West has gone a full 45 years without ever having read a single book, and this could really explain why his behavior is so weird.

Clearly, he prefers speaking over reading, but maybe, just maybe, West should bite his tongue before he scuffs up his own image even more.

The fact that West is so repulsed by books and has such disdain toward the act of reading literature is a scary thought in itself, but in true West fashion, he managed to dig himself into an even deeper hole when he compared books to a vegetable. The world now know how West feels about brussel sprouts, and the mere fact that he has such an aversion to a vegetable that’s commonly disliked by young children, is also speaking volumes about his current level of intelligence.

Is anyone really surprised that West has never read a book, or is it simply just shocking that he actually admitted to this inadequacy? He didn’t come forward to say he has some sort of learning disability or that there’s a legitimate reason that books are a struggle for him — he just flat out said he doesn’t read, never has, and let’s face it — he probably never will. (RELATED: ‘Come And Get Me’: Kanye West Says Porn Ruined His Family, Wants More Say In His Kids’ Lives)

West’s emotional outbursts and endless social media rants are as depressing as his very public mental breakdowns. There are simply too many to list or describe, but now that the world knows the rapper doesn’t read at all, it helps to explain the unintelligence he exhibits in his day-to-day life.

He’s a masterful musician and a talented fashion designer, yet his behavior has been louder than his skill set and he has forever been branded him as an unpredictable human being. Perhaps if West would sit down with a book and expand his mind and his horizons, he may be enlightened to a better, more healthy way of life.