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Shibtoshi: Important Factors To Consider Before Delving Into Entrepreneurship

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Starting your own venture can be a daunting task. It’s often difficult to understand what to expect down the road once you take the plunge. Shibtoshi is an accomplished entrepreneur with decades of experience. Take a look at business mogul Shibtoshi’s advice of experience.

Your Pride and Joy

Shibtoshi states just how fascinating it is – you built this thing. You did it all, right from conception to manufacturing to packaging to marketing. As a founder, you start your venture from the ground up. And that is a source of immense pride.


Shibtoshi says, as you are the founder of this venture, you know it best. You know what is to be done and how to take it forward. And you have the complete freedom to do things your way.

Right from ideating products and services to picking what customers you want on your roster; the world is your oyster.

Help the World

When you start a venture, you bring about a change, however small it may be.

You create jobs: You provide eager employees with salaries and benefits, changing their life for the good.

Your idea helps solve a problem: Any profit-making venture is only so because it fills a market gap.

Good status in society

When you’re actively helping people by creating jobs or providing solutions, the world begins to respect you more, notes Shibtoshi. As a business owner, you are always thinking about not just yourself but others, too – from employees to customers.

Real Wealth

A testament to this is the fact that most billionaires are entrepreneurs. Even the most high-paying jobs in the world have a cap on your income. In contrast, there are no limitations to earning money when it’s your own venture in question.

Insecurity of Funds

Shibtoshi says that the flip side of the money coin is insecurity.

With a job, you know that you will most definitely get a standard amount credited to your account. Your venture will offer no such stability. It could mean earning thousands in one month and nada in the next.


You work, you earn – the unsaid rule of entrepreneurship. Retiring and continuing to earn the same kind of money is not an option.


Freedom of creation in your own business also means total accountability, cautions Shibtoshi. If a customer, shareholder, or even employee wants to point fingers, it will be at you alone.

No Time for Family

Starting your venture can take a toll on not just you but those around you, too. You never seem to have enough hours in a day to get things done, and your loved ones take the hit.