Viral Daily Caller Video Shows How Different Texas Is Versus NYC On Immigration

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Devan Bugbee Contributor
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A Daily Caller video showing key differences between some Texas and New York City (NYC) residents’ mindsets about illegal immigration went viral Monday after its release.

The video “New Yorkers Like Immigrants: But Not In Their City!” showcased Daily Caller’s Noah Pincus and Jorge Ventura interviewing people in the streets of NYC, Dallas and Del Rio, asking them about their thoughts on immigration and Abbott’s recent bussing of migrants from Texas to NYC. (RELATED: New Yorkers Like Immigrants — But Not In Their City!)

“We’ve been overrun and it’s been going on a for a while,” a man told Ventura in Texas. “It’s a real problem.”

New Yorkers gave a seemingly more welcoming answer, with one caveat. “I do want immigrants to come to America…” an NYC man told Pincus in the video, “but [to] New York City? I don’t know,” he concluded.

Texans argued to Ventura that their state does not have the resources to maintain migrants and that the sanctuary cities that invited them to the U.S. should be more accommodating.

“[New York is] a sanctuary city. They have plenty of resources,” a Del Rio, Texas, woman said. “It’s our taxpayers’ money. It’s time the other states took responsibility too; we’re all one nation.”

New Yorkers made a similar argument that their city cannot adequately maintain migrants and that other states should accept the migrants despite blue states supporting the influx.

“The city is packed. They do have to protect the interests of the people who do live here already,” a person in NYC told Pincus. “At the same time, it is a balance.”

“It’s just such a f*cking disgrace that we can’t get together and try to help in a way that’s healthy for everybody,” a different NYC man said.