Arnold Schwarzenegger Loves Watching Attractive Women Slap Each Other — See For Yourself

Screenshot/YouTube/Armshark Armwrestling

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently loves watching women slap one another, and the proof is in the video.

Schwarzenegger debuted the Slap Fighting Championship (SFC) at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, in March, and there needs to be more fuss made about this bizarre set up he has established for himself. He actually just sits there gawking while scantily dressed, gorgeous women take turns slapping the shit out of one another. As far as dirty old man vibes go, this one’s a winner.

Schwarzenegger joined forces with Logan Paul as the host of the Championship and gave himself a front seat to this bizarre ritual. Each session involves a full lineup of women that just engage in a slapping one another out. As for the Governator… well, he seems completely enthralled by the whole thing, and remains front and center to get a full view.

Two by two, the ladies approach the stage and center themselves behind a short table that stands only as high as their knees. The women appear in ittie bittie tennis skirts and tank tops and hype up their energy as well as that of the crowd, before taking their positions. (RELATED: NYPD Cop Utterly Flattens Woman Slapping Him In Wild Video)

Schwarzenegger sits up close to them and they take turns winding up to slap the other contestant out. The delivery of the slaps is no joke. They’re hitting hard, and the reactions of those who get slapped are absolutely epic.

Schwarzenegger is tuned in to it all, and in one particular video, he can be seen pointing at one of the female contestants as he adjusted his pants. It’s not a great look for the Governator.

There’s also a male version of the competition, and the slaps are so ferocious that the highlights reel shows many of the men dropping to the ground.

Interestingly, Schwarzenegger isn’t seen sitting close-up to watch the men…