Kanye West Reveals His Stance On Returning To Politics

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kanye West spoke with ABC News’ Linsey Davis on Sep. 22 and revealed his intentions to re-enter the world of politics.

West initially joined the Presidential race in 2020 with high hopes for his success in the political realm. But this pivotal move negatively affected many aspects of West’s life. Nevertheless, West has put his past failure behind him and confirmed his political comeback is on the horizon.

West didn’t elaborate on when he would take another stab at politics, but he did seem confident about his return and has already decided to give it another whirl.  When Davis asked West if he had any future political aspirations he replied, “Yes, absolutely,” according to ABC News. The rapper withdrew from the 2020 presidential race, but promises that he will make a return to the political scene.

West’s first campaign rally was disastrous. Rather than focusing on his platform, the rapper and business mogul went on emotional outburst revealing personal family details. He revealed to the world that his eldest daughter, North, was nearly aborted prior to her birth, and then proceeded to shed tears over the tale that he, too, was nearly aborted. Many would agree his rant had no place in the public sphere.  (RELATED: ‘Come And Get Me’: Kanye West Says Porn Ruined His Family, Wants More Say In His Kids’ Lives)

His emotional outburst and inability to filter his discussions sparked outrage in the Kardashian family. It put the spotlight on West’s alleged mental health issues and left some wondering whether someone displaying such emotional fragility could lead be a political leader.

West and Davis also touched on fatherhood, social media, fashion, and his plans to expand his school — Donda Academy — according to ABC News.