Kevin McCarthy Presents ‘Commitment To America’ To House GOP Outlining Governing Agenda

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy presented his “Commitment to America” agenda to the House GOP conference Thursday and its issues that members came up with together to address issues facing the country if they win in 2022.

McCarthy’s agenda is a roadmap of what he thinks the GOP should focus on in 2023 and includes policies to fight inflation, make America energy independent, secure the border, reduce crime and more. McCarthy told the Daily Caller that his plan is “a promise to the American people to fight for an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom, and a government that’s finally held accountable.”

Other issues in the Commitment to America include making sure every student can succeed and give parents a voice.

The pledge calls to “Advance the Parents’ Bill of Rights, recover lost learning from school closures, and expand parental choice so over a million more students can receive the education their parents know is best” as well as “defend fairness by ensuring that only women can compete in women’s sports.”

McCarthy plans on fighting the border crisis by “fully funding effective border enforcement strategies, infrastructure, and advanced technology to prevent illegal crossings and trafficking by cartels.” The pledge also calls for an end to catch-and-release loopholes, requiring legal status to get a job and eliminating welfare incentives.

“For two years, Democrats in Washington have created crisis after crisis: crippling inflation, rampant crime, failing schools, and an open border have all left our country weaker. Worse, Democrats have no plan to solve these crises and make life more affordable and more secure for American families,” McCarthy told the Daily Caller before releasing the agenda.


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McCarthy also plans on targeting Biden’s DOJ, Department of Education and COVID policies should Republicans retake the House in the midterms this November, according to a sprawling list of priorities his office sent exclusively to the Daily Caller. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy Plots An Investigation Avalanche If GOP Retakes House)

“We have already sent preservation notices and document requests and will be ready on day one to use the various tools at our disposal to get the answers Americans are demanding,” a McCarthy spokesperson told the Daily Caller. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: McCarthy Files Amicus Brief Arguing Against Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas)

McCarthy’s office cited “politically motivated actions by the DOJ” and the Department of Education’s “collusion with the school board association to target parents as domestic terrorists” as oversight priorities. The entirety of President Joe Biden’s covid response is also on the table. McCarthy plans to pursue answers on the origins of covid, failures in the Biden’s testing regime and continuing school closures, and the refusal of Biden health officials to accept natural immunity in its guidance.

McCarthy is likely to become the Speaker of the House if Republicans can win back the House in the midterm elections. He has been leading Republicans since 2019. Before becoming leader, he served as House Majority Leader from 2014-2015.