Animal Control Rescues Missing Dog That Was Stuck On Island For Weeks

Not the dog from the story. Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Animal control in Michigan rescued a dog Wednesday that was stuck on an island for weeks.

Zaria, a 2-year-old Great Dane, was rescued by animal control weeks after she ran away from her owners in August, according to WNEM.

Animal control was forced to use a live trap with food and cameras to capture the shy dog, WNEM reported. (RELATED: Lost Dog Returns Home In The Middle Of The Night, Rings Doorbell)

Ruthanne Hicks, the Clare County Animal Control Director, and Bob Dodson, an animal control officer, were eating lunch at the time Zaria went in the trap, reported WNEM.

“We jumped up. He drove really really fast and we got out here. He had to kayak to the island, get the pontoon boat, come back for me. And then we went back across,” Hicks said, reported WNEM.

“She’s emaciated obviously, but other than that appears to be in pretty good health. She has a yeast infection on her feet, we’ve got her on antibiotics just in case,” Hicks said, reported the outlet.

Zaria will be up for adoption after she recovers, WNEM reported. She has not yet wagged her tail or showed signs of affection since being rescued.

“She’s gonna be doing a lot of resting and recovery here probably at least a month I would guess. She’s in a secluded area where nobody’s gonna be seeing her slow feed. Retrain the brain. Yup, just kind of getting her used to knowing people are okay again and then we’re probably looking at either a foster home or a rescue,” Hicks added, reported WNEM.