‘Canadians Hate You, You Bastard!’: Man In A Purple Sweater Unloads On Justin Trudeau


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Arguably one of the funniest videos featuring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went viral Friday, and I can totally understand why.

The 44-second clip shows Trudeau walking out of what appears to be the Canadian embassy in London, close to where he recently attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. As he exited the building, a small group of people held up their phones and their middle fingers at him and his terrible hair.

One man, who is not a relative of mine as some Twitter users have suggested, took his disdain for Trudeau a step further, explaining by way of shouting that “Canadians hate you, you bastard! You fucking bastard Trudeau!”

@jozefluk Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in London! #londontown #trafalgarsquare #trafalgarsquarelondon #verballyaggressive #assault #angryman #canadiantiktok ♬ original sound – Joe

He didn’t stop there, either! He really went off, screaming “fascist, fascist, bastard! We hate you, you son-of-a-bitch! Get out of this country, you bastard!” From behind the first man, a woman starts screaming, “how dare you,” also directed at the Canadian PM.

Brits are far from shy about telling international politicians — or just about anyone — how they feel about them in such plain terms. But we can also be subtly unsubtle too. For example, in 2018, Brits went out in droves to buy Green Day’s hit song “American Idiot” so it became the number one song for Trump’s visit to the archipelago nation, CNN reported at the time.

When a song becomes a chart topper in the UK, it’s almost impossible to avoid it. Every radio station, every bar, basically anywhere with a speaker will play the song on repeat. A similar campaign was launched in 2009 against “X Factor,” which has consistently won the Christmas number one spot for years before. (RELATED: Die Of Cringe At Trudeau’s Seemingly Drunken Singing Caught On Camera)

We’d had enough of this crap television show making us listen to their crummy winners for years on end, so we went out and made Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” our Christmas Number One instead. In 2021, Brits voted the iconic 1992 hit their favorite UK Christmas Number One ever, according to Genesis Publications.