Video Allegedly Shows Rowdy Vandals Ransacking Philadelphia Wawa

Twitter/Screenshot/Public — User: greg_price11

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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A group of vandals was caught on video Saturday night allegedly ransacking a Wawa in Philadelphia.

The suspects piled together at the entrance of the gas station sandwich shop, screaming at each other and hoarding merchandise, the video showed. The mob threw food items around the store, as a woman twerked on top of item shelves, according to the video. (RELATED: Video Shows Thugs Ram Into SUV And Steal $20,000 In Upscale Neighborhood)

“You’re all stupid, for real,” the sandwich maker who recorded the trashing can be heard saying. “You’re all ugly, stupid, broke.”

Amid the jumble, an upset customer asked, “are y’all making our sandwiches, or y’all gonna keep recording?” The sandwich maker replied, “it’s gonna be a little while.”

Following the disarray, the store was left trashed with piles of destroyed goods in aisles and ruined products scattered around the floor, a separate video revealed.

The mob apparently moved their rampage outside, where several agitators were found continuing the chaos, the video showed.